Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Arisaema ringens from JAPAN

I'm very proud of this, it's a huge rhizome and I promise to make it bloom.
Since I managed to kill two Arisaema griffithii as I planted them out in the garden and the 2011 winter proved to "cold" for them I decided no more weird plants.
But here I am, bragging about this!
When I opened the box and saw it, I was "WOW" and instantly made up my mind to do my best to accommodate it as best I can.
I went out to a nearby park with some trees and gathered some top soil mixed with leaves, mixed it with some vermiculite, potting mix and sand and after "roasting" it in the oven for a while, I planted the Arisaema in it.

Arisaema ringens

Arisaema ringens 1

Arisaema ringens in pot

Arisaema ringens - already doing something

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