Thursday, February 28, 2013


Just imagine planting all these out in the garden.
I wish I could fast-forward a few years but just to have a look and then come back.

First, and most important, Cardiocrinum giganteum. It's started popping up in two pots but with my lousy "record keeping" I can't tell it's from two different batches or from the same. Well, the conditions were the same. Out on the balcony in summer and in the fridge in winter. So, no FREEZING for these.
I also have one or two pots out in the garden, sujbect to most elements (except rain/snow).
Wondering if anything should come up in those.

Cardiocrinum giganteum

Next, these cute Lilium regale (from the 10 or so batches I purchased). Germination in the kitchen. The first ones, from the epigeal germination seeds.

Lilium regale

Next, huge success with Fritillaria persica seeds - this is the pot kept on the balcony but has not frozen given the warm-ish winter we had.

Fritillaria persica

And I can't forget the NOID huge seedhead Allium  - so crammed I will soon have to come up with an idea.

Allium NOID

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  1. The soil mix I use for lilies is 25% sand, 25% humus and 50% garden soil. I am curious as to what kind of a soil mix you use for the fritillaria persica? Do you start them like hypogeal germinating lilies or do you start them in the fall?