Monday, May 26, 2014

Weird, or not

A first-time-blooming for me, rather tiny but still impressive.
It's also got a nice leaf pattern.

I keep it in a small pot, on the balcony, and it overwintered there. I am not sure how cold it can get.

But I already lost an Aristolochia kewensis... so I am not sure how much risk to take next winter.

Tiny, tiny Lilium... but so cute!

Yes, it's Lilium martagon.
It is one of the tiniest I've got.
Likes a rather shady spot.

Saxifraga stolonifera - gorgeous for shade

One of the cutest ever (leaf, flower, overall impression) is Saxifraga stolonifera.
I have to admit, it's in one of those spots, you know it's there, you don't tend to it too often, and once in a while you remember and just pass by to see what is going on.
I have to get out of the yard, out in the street, and peek through the fence bars if I want to take some pictures.
But it's thriving, despite the neglect.
Sun never shines there, I never water... but...

Delphinium - taller than ever!

I can say I have some really nice, tall Delphinium in my garden.
All mostly blue... but it's my favorite color. So...

Here's the bunch!

And some close-ups!


I've always been amazed with the color variety in the Iris world.
And the fragrance...

Here's the tall ones

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just green... or is it ?

I guess people (myself included) usually focus on the blooms. We always seem to take pictures of plants when they are in bloom or just the bloom.
Having a bit more free time in the garden, I also looked beyond the colorful, fragrant, bee-attracting flowers and searched for some nice green.
Here's just some of the green I found interesting.

Saxifraga stolonifera

??? no IDea

Lilium regale ???

Asarum europaeum

Ginkgo biloba

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fritillaria imperialis

I've got the orange one, and the yellow one... I need a red one!
As I know, there's only 3 colors. One more and I got them all...

Some people think it's a fussy one, but it seems to do fine in my garden. Well, one big bulb decided not to show up this spring. Eaten up? Rotten? No idea.