Saturday, January 19, 2013

Start of '13 - Lily scales, Fritillaria persica seeds

Happy New Year!

This is my first post for this year and looks like I have some resolutions: I lobe bulbs now more than ever! Especially Lilium. But I'll take them all!

I remember I promised I'd be a serious blogger, but it turns out I am a lousy one. Last post was last May. Shame!

OK. I will begin with bulbs.

Beginning of Dec. 2012 I got some Orientpet or is it "tree lily" scales from gardenaddict1 (davesgarden) and I already have some very small bulbils developing.
What intrigues me, is  these bulbils don't come from the soil, but rather grow on the "outside" parts of the scales (I didn't bury them completely).

(Lavon, Garden Pleasure, Satisfaction)

And then these gorgeous Fritillaria persica seeds I got from a generous trader (katlian - davesgarden - end of Oct 2012).
I got so many seeds I directly sowed many in the garden, then in a few pots (in the garden, on the balcony, in the fridge) and also I tried the wet paper towel in the fridge - this seemed to be faster.
Half of the 50+ seeds germinated in the paper towel and I potted up by mid January 2013. The other half, still good seeds as I could tell (maybe just a little lazier) I traded with a davesgarden member from Croatia.
I hope he gets them in good conditions if not germinated and ready for pots.

Fritillaria persica - germinated seeds

Fritillaria persica seeds -potted up

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