Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hypertufa project - FINISHED!

Since I got this hypertufa+sempervivums+hardy+succulents idea in my little head, I kept thinking about it. And how cool such a thing would look at my kitchen window, outside, on the 8th Floor.
Here it is!
First, I searched online for how-to, recipes, ideas, etc.
Then I tried to find the ingredients.
Not a recipe from a cookbook, it's hard to find all ingredients here.
Finally the recipe was something like cement+perlite+sand+dried&sifted peat based mix.
Then, the problem was with the mold. I used wood boards etc.
Then I mixed the mix, then carefully made the troughs... a small problem was the walls kinda separating from the mold and leaning inside.
Well, the final result was OK... I am pleased!

After patiently waiting for a few weeks I got them out of the molds, filled them up with a mix rich in gravel and some perlite and then skillfully and artistically planted the sempervivums.

Thinking I still have some space left, I added some Thlapsi stylosum and some cute Sedum. And of course pebbles, rocks, stones :)

Hypertufa troughs

Here's the metal bad my brother gave me for... support.
He also helped me drill the holes for the screws.

Here's the BEFORE pic, with the potted Sempervivums.... waiting for a nicer, cozier home.

Here's the view from my kitchen with the troughs already fixed.

And the AFTER pics!

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  1. I think your hyper-tuffa turned out great. I've made a few myself and use thick styrofoam insulation for creating the mold. I use cooking skewers to hold the various pieces of the mold together and reinforce with duct tape… removing the mold becomes a very simple process compared to other techniques I've tried. Take care… Larry at Conrad Art Glass & Gardens