Monday, October 7, 2013

A thorny one

Yes, a thorny one, but a nice performer nonetheless.
It is the second year I've grown this - although this year it was just one single volunteer from scattered seeds.

I'm talking about Solanum sisymbriifolium.

OK. Wikipedia says "prickles" (erroneously called thorns).

English has got so many words. Spikes, thorns, prickles, spines...

Well. Like I said, I got one plant, a volunteer (probably I wasn't too excited about it's performance last year). But I'm happy one little seed was stubborn and tried to impress me once more. Glad it did.

The specimen is quite tall, well over 1.5 m and full of blooms, even now, this late in the fall, when most plants are thinking about the long winter sleep.

And PRICKLES. All over it. Stems, leaves, fruit. Ahhh, the fruit. I don't think it tastes much like a "Litchi tomato".

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