Thursday, May 3, 2012

SO.. which bulbs bloomed?

Geez, it's been over a month. I'd say my life is real busy and I fail to find time for writing, but I'd be lying.
There's always time. WILL...this is something I sometimes lack! And... I forget about this blog, true! I am. Beginning of MAY, already the temps are in the 30s (Celsius) most of the spring bulbs are done for this year.

Let's see what I had in my garden:

These tiny but really cute Erythronium(s) 

Then, some Crocus vernus Pickwick (transplanted last fall, so only a few scattered blooms :(

Tiny and cute Fritillaria uva-vulpis (probably)

Speaking of Fritillaria, this is the first spring to have F. imperialis blooming - previous bulbs sometimes generated green stems, no blooms, and sometimes died underground without any warning - and I was anxiously waiting, and waiting...

Fritillaria imperialis

And these Hyacinth(s) ... Jan Bos... not really the deep red I saw on labels and packaging but still... kinda cool. A good-willed neighbor decided 5 is way too many and snatched 2 if them. Good thing they didn't pull the out with bulbs-and-all!

A couple daffodils and tulips in the next... episode...

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