Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who doesn't love bulbs ???

Bulbs are (in joint venture with alpines) my real cup of tea!
All kinds of bulbs - spring, summer, tropical. As long as they are not fussy about blooming.
As it's spring, I can only talk about spring blooming ones.
We've had a really cold winter and just like me, bulbs are springing out of the ground to enjoy all the sun they can.
I don't live in my garden, I visit it 2-3 times a week and I am quite surprised to see how quickly the action develops.
Here's some of the bulbs I am eager to see in full bloom:

Tulips (I've got quite a bunch, but I will only show these two... for the sake of interesting-ness)


I call this MONSTER

Jan Bos - NEW ones
Erythronium - probably dens-canis (dog tooth)
Got them from the woods (yes, bad CALIN, but they were everywhere, hardly endangered!)
I got to them a bit too late and weren't in bloom, so it's gon

Orchis purpurea (not really a bulb, but looks like one - and I'm nevertheless anxious about it)
This is it in bloom:

Fritillaria imperialis
 probably the orange-ish. NEW!

Allium - of some kind -
last spring they grew a bit, then just wilted and died back - I never got the chance to see what they are. I love the pink tips!

Tulipa tarda I have to put these on my list, last spring I thought I had lost them completely. I even see cute, small seedlings!!!

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