Sunday, December 8, 2013

Goodz & Badz / succulent seedz

A couple months back I bought some succulent seeds (mainly Aloes, Edithcolea grandis - this was the one I was searching for, and Tacitus bellus - another one I love).
Against all odds (low light, cool temp, etc) I decided to sow them.
Couldn't just wait!
Well, one of the five Aloe variegata seeds germinated nicely, but as the others were still just lying there, I kept the plastic bag a bit too long. The one seedling I had... rotted!
I pulled it out, tore off the mushy tiny root and put it back... but I'm sure there's no chance for it.

BUT... 2 out of 5 Edithcolea grandis germinated and are looking great!

Edithcolea grandis

Also, I'm happy with my Aloe saponaria and Aloe broomii results.

Aloe saponaria

Aloe broomii

And I can't wait for my tiny Tacitus bellus to... open those big pink flowers!

Tacitus bellus

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