Monday, September 23, 2013

Arisaema ringens - End of season

Remember the weird yet beautiful bloom from March?
The plant withstood my balcony conditions until last week when almost all of a sudden the two leaves startewd yellowing and flopping over.
I knew it was time!
I lifted it up, and I saw most of the roots were mushy. I guess I continued watering it long after I should have stopped.
The rhizome itself is much bigger than I remember (at potting time) and I can see 2-3 little offshoots developing, so hopefully next spring I will see more than just two leaves.
I cleaned all the dead roots, leaving only the still-ok ones and moved it to another much smaller pot, without watering.
Won't need water till next spring I THINK!
Would love to try different ones... A. griffithii var pradhanii being probably my favorite but I still yet have to buy seeds/rhizomes.

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  1. For Arisaema, all roots naturally die during dormancy. Once the soil is completely dry, you can put the whole pot in a plastic bag to prevent too much dehydration of the tuber, until you are ready to resume watering.