Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blooming Aloe

It's not always easy to convince succulents to bloom over here. They must benefit from the right conditions, be of the right age.
But here is one of my succulents, an ALOE (anyone who can tell me WHICH ONE, please DO) that, due to its small size, really surprised me with a tall and slender stem and nice (not-too-small) green->yellow->pink flowers.
It's not producing any pups yet, so I am thinking it's throwing all energy in these lovely flowers.

(I brought it inside, together with some other succulents, as it's been raining on/off for the past 2-3 days).

Here it is, on a sunny day, when I first saw what it's up to.

 Temporarily sitting between a pot of Ledebouria socialis and my only survivor Aloe polyphylla.

The really tall stem makes it hard to catch the whole plant in a nice pic.

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  1. This is Aloe x 'Dorian Black'. Not a rare houseplant aloe, its very long flower stem is normal. Flowering is initiated with a period of very dry, followed by ample moisture. Two or three cycles a year can be induced.
    Rick (Leftwood)