Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday evening. Where's my inspiration?

Hey everyone. My first attempt. So a short presentation is ... necessary.
My name's Calin. Male. Born in 1975.
Living, working and doing all kinds of stuff in Oradea, Romania.
Close to the Hungarian border - so I speak a little Hungarian.

I work in an office-in front of a computer. Imports. Title would be Purchasing Agent. A bit boring, but FOR NOW it's OK.
Hopefully something more interesting is just around the corner.
Hobbies... yes. Right now I got two big ones:

1. plants, gardening, exotic plants, potted plants - anything about plants and flowers.
I got quite a few plants in my apartment, mainly crammed on the windowsills. A few cacti, aloes, succulents, dipladenias, gloxinias.
But I am more and more shifting to outdoor plants.
My parents got a house in the country and as they are too busy with other things, I am in charge of the small flower garden.
The idea is to create some kind of English cottage garden - with a lot of perennials, alpines, shrubs, grasses, flowering plants, roses, and many many others.
Not easy... but soon getting there.
So I enjoy swapping seeds, small plants with other "green" people.

2. mosaics. It's a new hobby. ordered online some tiles, tools and stuff and created a few pieces of art. In time, I hope to get some financial benefits. Besides the relaxation this hobby gives me.
I made a mirror and 3 other works, all up on the walls in my apartment.

Well. It's evening and I think there is a good movie on tv. I will leave you know. Maybe a bit later I will post some pics. When I go a little deeper into what this blog can do.


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